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We offer a range of bicycle servicing and maintenance options to cater for all types of bikes. Whichever option you choose, be assured that your bike will be serviced by one of our Cytech certified mechanics. Use our online booking system below to select the service you require and a day and time to drop in your bike.

BASIC MOT - £55*

Ensure your bike is safe to ride and in working order

Complete safety check of your bike

Brakes inspected and balanced

Gears inspected and tuned

Wheels & tyres inspected for wear and tear

Headset checked & adjusted

All bolts checked and tightened to recommended torque

Chain lubricated


Recommended every 6 - 10 months depending on weather conditions and usage

This service includes everything
in the Basic MOT +

Frame and forks inspected and cleaned


Seat post removed, cleaned and re-fitted

Brake calipers cleaned (new pads fitted if required)

Gears checked and indexed

Drivetrain clean and re-lube

Cranks checked and tightened to recommended torque

Bottom Bracket inspected for wear

Tyres checked and inflated (replaced if required)

Headset and handlebar assembly checked and correctly tightened to recommended torque

If a disc brake bleed is required a £20 labour charge will be advised on the quote


The ultimate service to make your bike ride like new

This service includes everything

Full strip down to frame and forks and all components cleaned

Wheel hubs taken apart, bearings inspected, cleaned & re-greased/replaced if required

Bottom bracket inspected, removed and replaced/re-fitted with fresh anti seize and grease.

Headset removed, inspected, cleaned and re-greased/replaced if required

Wheels cleaned, trued and spoke tension checked

If a disc brake bleed is required a £20 labour charge will be advised on the quote


Want a gear tune? A fork service or your chain replacing? Not sure how to describe what you need? For anything not covered in our service packages select this option to book a slot. We'll call you back asap with a price or some advice.



Bicycle Workshop Booking

*All prices quoted are not including parts.

Terms and conditions for fitting customer supplied parts


Please be advised that we are unable to provide a warranty against failure or poor performance on parts supplied by the customer and that there is an additional charge of £6.00 per item supplied.



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