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Benefits of going Tubeless

1. The reduced risk of punctures. No longer is there a chance of pinch-flats, caused when you over-compress and pinch the inner tube. You also significantly reduce the chance of thorns or flints causing a leak; as the sealant should seal around any intruding objects.

2.The benefits of tubeless road extend far beyond puncture protection though, into the realms of grip and comfort.  A good tubeless set-up can be a lot more comfortable, and have better grip than a tubed combination. This is because the tyre is allowed to conform to the road surface to a greater extent; so rather than bouncing over it, you remain firmly planted.

3. Reduced friction on tubeless systems. Unbeknown to many, there is actually more friction when a tyre is bouncing over a surface; so by reducing this, you reduce the friction between bike and road. Tubeless tyres also have less friction because the inner tube is not moving around inside the tyre; preventing it from changing shape optimally, as the tyre rolls along

Bored of punctures?

Let us convert your existing wheels to tubeless for you.  Deal includes Schwalbe Pro One tyres, sealant, rim tape, valves, labour and collection & delivery.  Total RRP £215.97

Our Price £180

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