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Why Wax?

1. Wax is the fastest lube for your chain.

2. Wax is the cleanest lube available.  Why is wax so clean? It’s not a liquid, greasy or oily so it doesn’t attract dirt, sand or other debris from the road or trail.

3. Wax stays efficient in dirty, wet conditions.

4. Wax saves time. If you total up the time spent cleaning grease off your drivetrain, hands, clothes, carpet, car, etc..

5. Wax increases drivetrain life. If you’re using traditional spray or drip lube on your chain, you’re making some outstanding industrial grinding paste. Wax, conversely, repels dirt and has an incredibly low coefficient of friction. Both of these attributes extend the life of chainrings, cassettes, derailleur pulleys and your hardworking chain.

6. Wax is safe for the environment.

7. Wax lubricates completely. By submersing your chain in wax, every nook and cranny between pin, roller and plate is penetrated with wax. There is simply no better way to lubricate a chain. Waxing also cleans your chain at the same time.

8. Wax has impressive longevity. A waxed chain in dry road conditions can be ridden 500 miles or more with one waxing (we’ve had a test chain go over 800 miles before squeaking). We don’t recommend this long an interval - stick with around 350 to 400 miles - but it demonstrates how doggedly wax clings to metal surfaces. Note: wet conditions shorten the life of wax like any lube, just wax more often.

9. Wax is being used by your competitors! The performance difference between wax and traditional lubes is significant, as much as 4 watts. 

Chain Waxing Offer

2 x 11 Speed Chains pre-coated with Molten Speed Wax
1 x KMC Quick Link pre-coated with Molten Speed Wax
Existing cassette, derailleurs and chain rings removed, meticulously degreased and re-fitted.
Waxed chain fitted and tested.

Our Price £144.99 (RRP £190)

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