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The Velo Barn
Onto the next stage of our journey...

If You Build It, They Will Come!

Back in 2018 nothing was certain; a seed about the Barn was planted but we had no idea if it would grow! We ploughed on regardless, incorporating The Velo Barn as a business and setting up a temporary workshop in Steve’s garage and then we waited patiently….

Early the following year it was official, we secured half of Unit 1 Betsoms Barn and moved in.  It was a rather rundown, cold and old storage barn but we were very grateful of the extra space and its potential was so obvious to us. We got cracking... We put up a partition and made it as homely as a storage barn could be….and that is how we worked for the first year. 

It is amazing how time flies when you're having fun! In just 12 months, we had built up a great customer base, an excellent reputation and most importantly we had a clear plan!

Feb 2020: We have the Barn all to ourselves! Down comes the partition wall - Wow this barn is quite big! Down comes the false ceiling, and reveals that the Barn is really quite big and has a bit of character to it! Up goes the decking - This barn is big, has character but not only that, wow what a view!

August bank holiday 2020 just before opening, Steve looks at me and says, "Mate I can’t believe we did that!" I reply great "Great isn’t it, do you think they’ll come?"


Running Out of Space!


If you have visited the Barn recently it is plain to see that we are now actually very short on space, especially at this time of year. In poor weather customers understandably want to sit inside but at the same time with Summer now upon us, the workshop is bursting at the seams and there are bikes everywhere. We are not complaining, far from it, but clearly we need to expand!


The Velo Barn 2.0 – The Dream

So, in many ways, we are in rude health – the workshop is busy and we have a lot of passing cyclists from all over the place stopping by for refreshments, a breather and a chat in our little corner of Kent, but as we said, we need to expand and our vision is this:

  • Acquire and renovate an additional unit on the farm (This will require substantial roof enhancements)

  • Acquire a secure storage space for bike storage

  • Relocate the workshop to the large, new, bespoke premises

  • Expand the existing café into the old workshop area

  • Enhance the café menu

  • Create a new retail space 

  • Secure more space in the yard for customer seating

  • Acquire allocated customer parking area

  • GO GREEN – Invest in a renewable energy source and an electric vehicle

The Velo Barn 2.0 – The Plan

To date all of the work carried out on the Barn has been self-funded without the need for borrowing or third party support, but like every retail business Covid had an impact on us, and the increased cost of living means that we need to look to other means to fund this project.

We would like to think that what we have built so far has created a community and therefore it is this community we are going ask for help and support in the form of crowdfunding.


Col du Velo Barn

  • We are going to try and build a mountain out of your generous support

  • The mountain will be comprised of the names of everyone who supports our crowdfunding project. 

  • The more support we receive the higher the mountain will become.

  • The bigger the donation the higher up the mountain your name will go!

  • When we have reached our crowdfunding target the Col du Velo Barn will be designed by a graphic artist and the artwork will be hung in pride of place in the Barn for all to see



Thank You


We would like to thank you for your continued support of our business. The Velo Barn was built with love by us with you front of mind and nothing gives us more pleasure than standing back on a busy day and watching our customers and visitors relax and enjoy our little piece of cycling heaven.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

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