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The Velo Barn
4 Cols of Kent Challenge 2022

Love hills? Like a climb or two - competitive type are we? Well here’s a challenge we’ve set up for you next time you drop by for a coffee at The Velo Barn.


Coming in at just under 30km and 680m of climbing we’ve created the 4 Cols of Kent Challenge which highlights 4 local climbs and gives you an excuse to head down our way with your mates for a bit of competitive riding and to win bragging rights amongst your club or road crew.


We’ve got a Top 10 Leader Board in the cafe and the segment is on Strava showing everyone’s segment time for the Challenge.  We'll update the leader board after every weekend.


At the end of each month the leading male and female rider will win a coffee and slice of cake on us.  (To keep it fair you can only win the monthly prize once!)


We’ll close the Challenge up on 30th October which is the same day as the National Hill Climb Champs and marks the finale of hill climbing season.


The overall winning male and female for The Velo Barn 4 Cols of Kent Challenge 2022 will receive a case of Kwaremont beer, a trophy and a £20 voucher to spend in The Velo Barn cafe as well as bragging rights for being top dog! 


Ride hard or ride home - are you up for the Challenge?

The Route

Setting out from the Velo Barn the Challenge takes you through Westerham and onto the first climb which is Hosey Hill a nice gentle leg spinner to loosen you up. Then past Chartwell and a left turn into our second climb which is Puddledock - a gem of an ascent which will have you out your saddle pushing on those pedals. We’ll give you a bit of respite as we drop you down Ide Hill before taking a left and heading to Yorks Hill - need I say any more? Then we drop you down into the other side of the valley along Pilgrims squaring you up for your fourth and final climb which is Brasted Hill. This is where you find out if you’ve spent too much energy on the previous climbs and see if your legs are made of metal or jelly. Drop down Hogstrough carefully, back along Pilgrims and the course finishes 10 metres before the Westerham Hill/ Pilgrims junction opposite The Velo Barn.

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